Class Newsletter

February 3-6

Greetings! Finally, we have had a full week at Kinderhaus with no delays or cancellations – whoohoo! It felt good to get back into our regular routine, even if we couldn’t get back outside as much as we would have liked.

On Monday, Miss Rachel brought out the blue paint and we watched as the children explored the color. I hung some of the paintings around our rooms, just to add a splash of color to our lives as white is all we’ve been seeing lately!  Grandma Joan joined us as well and shared several books that delighted them all, as always. Miss Kristin introduced a chickadee and other props to our story and we started a new morning circle, talking about love & Cupid, of course!

On Tuesday we were finally able to get out for our walk in both the morning and afternoon! We walked to the sledding hill and found the snow to be in perfect condition for some real zinging fun! The teachers even had to give the sledding hill a go, as the fun was infectious.

On Wednesday and Thursday we were Kinderhaus bound again, but we enjoyed our time together painting, making snowflakes, forts, “hotels,” putting out “fires” – even in the kitchen! I tried not to take it as a personal attack on my cooking! ;)

We will have another full week of Kinderhaus next week, provided the weather cooperates!  After that, we will have another short week as Kinderhaus will be closed Monday, Feb. 17th for President’s Day.

Here’s hoping that all of our traveling families return to us safely and bring back some warm weather!

January 20-23

BRRReetings! Well, we have yet to have a full week of classes and I am not sure we will have one anytime soon with next week’s projected forecast:( Let’s keep our fingers crossed (but not hold our breath;)
On Monday we were able to get outside- Yippee! I overheard one student saying, “I could just stay outside forever!” And I totally understood where she was coming from! It was so difficult to go in for snack, but alas, tummies were rumbling! Miss Rachel enticed us with her frozen window hangings made of beautiful winter objects like choke cherries, dried prairie flowers and evergreen clippings. Once arranged, the students poured water into the baby food jar lids we used as receptacles and then we placed them outside overnight. The children were thrilled to return the next day to find their frozen treasures. Unfortunately, it was too cold to hang them outside this week- here’s hoping we can get to it soon!
And finally, we had school on a Monday, which meant that we got a visit from Grandma Joan! It was heart warming to see the children scramble to hug her when she walked into the room:) She shared a story about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and I was pleased to observe the students talking about differences and the desire to treat everyone with respect and love<3
Miss Kristin shared a new oral story this week with us as well, a sweet tale of Robby the Gnome Boy who saves a chickadee and receives a nice surprise in return for his kindness. Be sure to ask your child how the chickadee thanked him!
One of these days, we will get back to our walks, hopefully soon!
Lastly, thanks to all who were able to participate in our Festival of Light, making it a beautiful and memorable event yet again.  Here’s to longer days, more sun & higher temps so we may freely enjoy the beauty winter in Northeast Iowa has to offer!