Class Newsletter

January 21st-25th

Greetings! Well, Winter has handed us a short week at Kinderhaus. I am very impressed with how well the children were able to manage the transitions and disruptions in our schedule. We were finally delivered such beautiful snow, but then it was too cold to really get to enjoy it much. We were able to climb, shovel and sled on our new Snow Mountains for a bit. We are looking forward to being able to return to the Sledding Hill. Unfortunately, with the forecast it might be some time yet.

The children seemed content to spend more time indoors and enjoyed exploring the color blue in watercolors with Ms Kristin. She also shared her Snowflake Story about how snowflakes are made. Many snowflakes were made and hung in our room.  Mr Steve and the children built a very tall tower with the building blocks. The children delighted as each block grew the tower taller and taller, though I’m not sure who enjoyed it more when it eventually toppled over- the kids or Steve?!
Conferences will be held next Month- February 11 & 12th. I will send out an invitation to sign up early next week.
Kinderhaus will also be closed Feb. 15th & 18th.
Gracie and I will try to keep everyone updated as soon as possible on future cancellations or delays. 100.5 KDEC is also a good resource to follow.
Have a cozy weekend! Bundle up & stay warm :)