Class Newsletter

November 18th-22nd

We had a lovely week again at Kinderhaus, filled with several visitors! Ms. Annette filled in for Ms Kristin on Monday and Ida Rotto filled in for Ms Annette on Thursday as the Walk Helper to West Side Playground. We walked there both Walk Days, as I was concerned about wet gear and cold temps. It had been awhile since we last visited there and the children were happy to see some old friends, swing on the swings, slide down the slides and the ever old, favorite- the tire swing. I’m not sure how Mr Steve never tires of pushing, not only KH kiddos but West Side ones, too! I’m not sure how they don’t all get dizzy either?!
With the temps finally back to normal, my focus was to get outside as much as possible. We added another song to our Thankful Circle and we acted out the Harvest Party story. It was so sweet to watch them pretending to be groundhogs crossing the bridge “higglety tiggelty” to visit Mr. Murphy’s garden. The most fun of course, was the Harvest Party that got a little too wild! Luckily, Farmer Murphy carved a door and a window into the giant pumpkin they had eaten, and lined it with dry leaves so the family had a nice place to crawl into and sleep. Whew!
Ms Kristin brought out the playdough again and there were many cookies made. She also brought out apples for chopping for our applesauce snack. The children worked so diligently and we greatly appreciate their help with snack preparation. We also had many helpers washing tables, sweeping floors, raking leaves, etc. The children were great helpers to their Teachers, but also to one another – helping fetch mittens and hats, take off boots and all the gear. We had many chances to practice our skills this week.
Next week we look forward to spending time with family and friends. Thank you for letting us know of any known absences ahead of time.
Here’s to hoping for a restful weekend before all of the travel and gorging begin! ;)
Many Thanks,