About Us

Hello and welcome to Kinderhaus!

Kinderhaus exists for one reason alone, families called for it 11 years ago and have increasingly supported it henceforth. Kinderhaus provides a warm and nurturing environment for young children in our community to learn. Our goal is simple, to create an oasis in which children find the security and opportunity to develop into creative, imaginative, cooperative, self-motivated learners for the future.

The Whole Child

Kinderhaus strives to develop the whole child: emotionally, socially, artistically, and cognitively through:

  • Daily exploration and play in nature
  • Song and movement during daily transition
  • Storytelling and puppetry
  • Exposure to daily and seasonal rhythms of our region
  • Emphasis on community, ceremony, and reverence
  • Imaginative play with natural toys, painting, and clay modeling