Kinder Board

Your Thoughts are Important to Us!

Our meetings are open to Kinderhaus families. Please join us. We want to know the  suggestions, questions, dreams, and comments of the community. Please contact us at

Meeting minutes are available upon request.

Current Members, 2019-2020

  • Tiffany Macklin, President
  • Lisa Lantz, Vice President
  • Courtney Brink, Secretary
  • Clara Muggli, Treasurer
  • Nina, Smock, Fundraising/Grant Writing
  • Steve Zittergruen, Marketing
  • Amanda Rubasch, Visionary
  • Special Commitee for Grant Writing, Lisa Lantz, Marin Hanson, Bree Sauer

Upcoming Meetings

The Kinderhaus Board meets at Kinderhaus or The Cellar.  Meetings are generally held the third Wednesday of the month, from 6pm – 9pm.

  • September 18th
  • October 16th
  • November 20th