parents of the 2023-2024 school year have this to say about Kinderhaus:

I could say a lot about how thoughtful, well run, and developmentally attuned Kinderhaus is. But what’s most important for us is this: we look forward to dropping our daughter off at Kinderhaus in the morning. Like actually, really look forward to it. She’s excited to be there, we’re glad to bring her there, her teachers are happy to see her when she gets there. The good vibes at Kinderhaus are obvious from the moment you arrive.

KH Family

At Kinderhaus, the kids spend their days in a warm and nurturing environment. We’ve loved the outdoor aspect of the preschool, with two energetic kids that love to play and explore. But whether the kids are indoors or outdoors, there’s a special culture at Kinderhaus that encourages the kids to learn, imagine, and grow. Our recent graduate, now-kindergartener, particularly adored the climbing tree and anything that involved running around. Our current student loves the opportunity during extended afternoon care to help the teachers get the classroom and homemade snacks ready for the next school day.

the Zanders

Love the outdoor time and active play based learning. My son is learning so many valuable skills and developing a love for the outdoors and all it has to offer.

KH Family