The Kinderhaus Cookbook!!!

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Save the gift!  The Kinderhaus Cookbook is almost here!

For years, parents have asked us for our snack recipes, amazed that their children were not only eating foods like kale and whole wheat bread with chevre, they were loving it. We are delighted to finally announce the creation of The Kinderhaus Cookbook.

Families and friends of Kinderhaus have been collaborating for months to create a community cookbook featuring recipes that are nutritious and delicious. The cookbook features Kinderhaus classroom snacks through the years, as well as our families’ favorite recipes, including soups, salads, main dishes and desserts. There is a wide variety of food inspiration within the book including many vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items. Our community has offered up their tried-and-true favorite recipes of foods that are not just delicious, but good for our bodies and good for the earth.

Befitting the collaborative spirit of this book, The Kinderhaus Cookbook also features artwork on every page, contributed by dozens of local artists, students and friends. In addition to food, the collection includes Kinderhaus verses, stories, and even craft recipes that share the spirit of our little school. We’ve even included a section of recipes and artwork created by our preschool children that is sure to delight your imagination.

We are so grateful for our community and the support it’s given to Kinderhaus through the years. All proceeds from the sale of The Kinderhaus Cookbook will directly benefit Kinderhaus and ensure its sustainability as the only outdoor-based preschool in the area.

The Kinderhaus Cookbook will be available for purchase for just $15 at Kinderhaus, December 15-19 from 11:45-12:15 and at the Oneota Coop beginning December 13. Join us for sampling and sales events at the Oneota Coop on December 13 and December 20 from 11:00-2:00, and at the Winneshiek Farmers’ Market on December 20 from 9:00-12:00!

Bon Appetit!  It’s Time to Eat!

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Sample Recipe Pages

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